Foundations of Project Management I

"The Mitacs Training: Foundations of Project Management is probably one of the best workshops I've attended throughout my studies: it was highly useful, provided me with insights into the motivations of different people in a teamwork setting thus allowing us to better function as a group. Also, we have learned tools necessary for planning projects. I only wish that I would have attended it earlier within my studies!"

- Masters of Science Student - University of Alberta

Foundations of Project Management I

Format: Two-day workshop

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Workshop Objectives

Gain a clear understanding of the planning, scheduling, leadership and team-building tools necessary to manage a successful project. Benefit from experiential learning by working in groups to develop a project.

Learning Outcomes

You will understand:

  • Foundational project management principles
  • How to get the most from your project team
  • How to meet project deadlines

Key Topics

Principles of Project Management and Team Building

  • Forming new teams
  • Planning and conducting effective project meetings
  • Utilizing the experience of team members
  • The Strength Deployment Inventory
  • Personal styles of learning and problem solving
  • Team agreement on practices and processes
  • Team decision making


  • The role of leaders in decision making
  • Leadership behaviours in different situations

Project Planning and Scheduling

  • Basics of the Critical Path Method (CPM)
  • Work breakdown, time calculations, and shortening the project
  • Collaborative techniques and processes
  • Positive project practices and procedures
  • Monitoring and reporting progress
  • Risk assessment

Review and Discussion

  • Constructive criticism for positive results

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