Practice Your Presentation Skills I

"This was my first Mitacs workshop and I was very impressed! Great content and an even better facilitator. I've been to many workshops like this before and this was easily the best. I loved how the facilitator gave personal and constructive feedback to each participant."

- Graduate Student, York University

Practice Your Presentation Skills I

Format: One-day workshop

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Workshop Objectives

Gain an understanding of presentation best practices and rehearse these skills through a series of short presentations. Receive immediate peer and expert feedback.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Plan and structure effective presentations
  • Persuade and motivate others
  • Develop genuine and authentic presentation styles
  • Use visual aids effectively
  • Overcome and manage the fear of public speaking
  • Present yourself as an expert in your topic area

Key Topics

Structure Effective Presentations

  • Presentation types
  • Mind maps for effective presentation design
  • Arguments that make an impact
  • Best practices in opening and closing
  • Tying the presentation together
  • Appropriate presentation lengths and when to take breaks
  • Effective Q&A periods

Fear Management

  • Reasons for fear
  • Tools and tricks to overcome fear

Audience Engagement

  • Authenticity and audience rapport
  • Body language and tone of voice
  • Use of storytelling, metaphors and humour
  • Questioning the audience successfully

Presentation Logistics

  • Efficient room layout
  • How and when to utilize whiteboards, flipcharts and other visual aids

Presentation Practice

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