Practice Your Presentation Skills II

Practice Your Presentation Skills II

Format: One-day workshop

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Workshop Objectives

Gain confidence by practicing the techniques learned in Presentation Skills I, as well as learning advanced skills. Get immediate feedback on your presentation style from peers, recognized authorities and video footage.

Participants come prepared with a 15- to 20-minute presentation specific to their work interest, which has been practiced at least once, as well as any required audio-visual aids.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Persuade and motivate others
  • Engage others through authenticity
  • Overcome the fear of presenting
  • Present yourself as an expert in your topic area

Key Topics

Presentation Practice

  • Constructive criticism from experts and peers
  • Self-analysis from video footage

Advanced Presentation Logistics

  • The logistics checklist
  • Effective visual aids

Presentation Structure

  • The key message, keeping it clear
  • Arguments with impact
  • Opening and closing techniques
  • Breaks and Q&A period

Audience Engagement

  • Understanding the audience
  • Effective body language and voice
  • Audience rapport
  • Use of storytelling, metaphors and humour
  • How to question the audience successfully
  • Generating feedback to gauge the impact of the message

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