Scientific and Technical Writing Skills

"The Mitacs Scientific and Technical Writing Skills workshop was an amazing opportunity to brush up on my writing and editing skills. Even if you consider yourself a good writer, this workshop will provide useful tips that can be used throughout your academic career and beyond."

- Josh Silberg, Simon Fraser University, Masters Candidate

Scientific and Technical Writing Skills

Format: Two-day workshop

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Workshop Objectives

Expand your knowledge of the necessary editorial, grammatical and structural conventions to create quality, impactful writing.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn to:

  • Analyze your audience and tailor your writing to them
  • Identify the components of a technical report
  • Make effective use of writing and editing techniques
  • Use graphics effectively

Key Topics

The Writing Process

  • Audience analysis
  • Purpose, tone and genres
  • Document organization
  • Using standard forms (i.e., theses, journal papers, poster presentations)
  • Persuasive, informative writing techniques
  • Components of technical reports (i.e., abstract, introduction, results, conclusion)
  • Staying motivated and dealing with procrastination

Grammar and Editing

  • Principles of punctuation
  • Ordering sentences and ideas
  • Sentence clarity (i.e., avoiding general language, vague subjects, noun strings and prepositional phrases)
  • Constructing concise sentences (i.e., descriptive verbs, avoiding empty sentence openers)
  • Creating connections (i.e., paragraph structure, sentence transitions)


  • Types of graphs
  • Incorporating graphs in text
  • Colour and layout

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