The Approach

"Overall, the Mitacs Training program was very engaging and I recommend it to everyone. The material was excellent, the instructors were superb and the environment was very positive. I left the program confident, motivated and with a feeling that I now have a significant advantage over my peers who couldn't attend."

- Tyler Zemlak, Dalhousie University, Postdoctoral Fellow & Biotech Entrepreneur

Bridging the Gap

Mitacs Training has been bridging the gap between university learning and career success through professional skills development since 2008. Step workshops offer an interactive learning environment, with small class sizes of typically 24 participants. They are facilitated by leading business and industry professionals found through a competitive selection process. Most of our facilitators have 10+ years of experience in their respective fields, so they understand what it takes to succeed. Facilitators deliver hands-on, interactive and experiential learning.

Sessions are offered at no charge to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows currently registered at a Canadian university. There has never been a better time to participate.

Competencies Covered

The Training curriculum is designed to build competencies in four key areas that are recognized as vital to professional success. Each workshop addresses one or more of the following competencies:

  • Leadership & Management
  • Communication & Relationship Building
  • Personal & Professional Management
  • Entrepreneurialism

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