Career Professionalism

"Being an academic researcher means more than being able to research and teach. I am committed to enhancing the interpersonal, communication, and business skills necessary to succeed in both the academic and corporate world. Mitacs is a fantastic program that facilitates this."

- Jenna Jacobson, University of Toronto, PhD Student

Career Professionalism

Format: One-day workshop

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Workshop Objectives

Gain an in-depth understanding of appropriate personal and professional work-place behaviors that facilitate effective communication, build your reputation, and lead to career advancement.

Learning Outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • Plan, conduct and participate in effective meetings
  • Compose professional emails and e-profiles
  • Protect your personal reputation
  • Communicate and conduct yourself effectively while working with others
  • Act professionally while traveling for work and attending work functions
  • Dress for success            

Key Topics

Career Professionalism Overview

  • What it is and why it matters
  • Your brand, your reputation
  • Importance of effective, respectful communication

Efficient Work Environments

  • Professional behavior
  • Effective communication
  • Importance of confidentiality
  • Conversing professionally

Effective Meetings         

  • Best practices for running and participating in meetings


  • Virtual first impressions
  • Creating subject lines and messages

Protocol Out of the Office

  • Business travel
  • Business functions

Personal Appearance    

  • Dress for different situations
  • Dress for formal and informal work environments

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