Proactive and Practical Communication & Teamwork - Burnaby (February 25, 2014)

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Proactive and Practical Communications & Teamwork – Burnaby

When: Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time: 9:00pm-4:00pm (Registration opens at 8:30am)

Where: Simon Fraser University/ Bennett Library

Room: 7200

Cost: This workshop, as with all Mitacs Step workshops, is free for both graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. However, the preauthorization of a valid credit card is required as part of the registration process. A $50 penalty will be applied to all late cancellations (cancellations that are not made 5 days or more before the workshop date), no shows, or incomplete attendance. These penalties are only charged after the completion of a workshop and no charges are ever made to students who participate in full. For answers to some frequently asked questions, please visit our help page:

Workshop Description

Fine-tune your ability to work within teams in academia and industry! We encourage you to take this opportunity to experience first-hand, the power of effective communication whether it be communicating your research through presentation or working within teams.

Learning Outcomes

Skills you can use today! Learn how to work more effectively with others throughout your internship and your current or future careers.

Although we communicate in many ways every day, few of us are consistently effective. Assumptions, old patterns, and unhealthy paradigms can sabotage our efforts for clear, respectful communication. Applying this knowledge in teams can ensure both personal and professional success.

  • Understand how personal assumptions, culture, conditioning and mental models adversely influence communication
  • Learn how to recognize your own personal assumptions and how we each use the Ladder of Inference and choice points in our communication
  • Learn Gervase Bushe’s experience cube and how to avoid patterns of fusion and disconnection and instead, learn to be differentiated in all communications
  • Learn to navigate and approach difficult conversations.
  • Identify the qualities of a high-performing team
  • Find a balance between task and group process within teams
  • Identify Tuchman’s group development model
  • Identify healthy and proactive group roles
  • Understand the use of roles, decision-making, values, agreements and group vision
  • Learn Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team and learn how to avoid them
  • Learn about the use of team charters and how to implement them
Class Date: 
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 8:00am
Simon Fraser University / Bennett Library
8888 University Drive
V5A 1S6 Burnaby, BC